EST. 2008


Our signature is clean lines and crisp styling that showcases the character of the home, not the furniture. As much as we love design, we love houses even more.

Each Swank home is custom styled by a design expert who hand selects artwork, objects, and visuals specific to the personality of home and its surrounding neighborhood.

We get it. Swank is owned by a successful real estate agent of nearly 20 years whose expert stylists are focused on both marketing and design.

Our designers capitalize on views, room size, and layout to create a realistic sense of what it would be like to live, play, and entertain in the home.

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Our goal? To evoke an emotional reaction from potential buyers.

As marketing specialists, we do lifestyle staging, which allows the buyer to envision themselves owning the home and inhabiting its rooms — ultimately resulting in a greater return for our clients.

An emotionally invested visitor is a seller’s best buyer.